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Welcome to one of our websites on Heat Staking and Thermal Assembly.

Heat staking is used in industries such as automotive, telecommunications, medical device manufacturers, and consumer electronics because these industries manufacture thermoplastic assemblies. Thermal assembly is advantageous because it is very repeatable, economical, flexible, and safe.

Why should you choose thermal assembly?

  • Lower Capital Investment (Our process can cost you less than half the price of other methods!)

  • Unlimited Tooling Design: We can stake 100 posts or install 100 inserts in a single cycle!

  • Interchangeability of Tools: Our systems are NEVER dedicated to a single application! Increased Productivity by Combining Several Operations or Parts into a Single Cycle!

  • Fast cycle times! Because of our ability to utilize standard features we developed for our product line, heatstaking with Sonitek system's is a cost saver for your secondary operations!

  • Read more on the advantages by visiting our 808-348-1628 page.


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Sonitek manufactures a complete line of high quality thermal assembly systems for inserting and staking thermo-plastics. Each system is built to standard specifications or can be custom built no matter how sophisticated your assembly needs.

At Sonitek we apply the science of thermodynamics and utilize our 40 years of "hands-on" practical experience to provide our customers with reliable, quality engineered systems for practically every secondary thermal application used on thermoplastics.


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